Ent of osteoarthritis based on subtle aberrant bony morphology                                 - acetabular retroversion / coxa profunda                                 - femoral head non-sphericity                         - abnormal contact in normal / near normal appearing hips                         - abutment of the proximal femur on the acetabular rim during terminal motion of the hip                                 leading to lesions of the labrum and/or the adjacent cartilage                         - chondral and labral lesions progress and result in degenerative disease                 - leunig et al. viagra canada online order viagra Corr. viagra on prescription how much is it safe to buy viagra online yahoo 2004. buying viagra online without prescription safe site to order viagra                         - acetabular rim degeneration & early hip arthritis                         - 30 cadavers and 18 hemiarthroplasty patients for displaced femoral neck fractures (ages > 60)                                 - no patients with radiographic evidence of oa                                 - 30/30 cadavers had labral and acetabular cartilage damage                                 - 17/18 patients with labral injury and 16/18 with acetabular cartilage injury                                 - all but 1 femoral head cartilage was normal                         - 80% found to have evidence of fai                         - acetabular rim degeneration is a constant finding in the aged hip and fai may be a significant trigger biomechanics:         - impingement                 - normal / near-normal hips                         - impingement occurs at excessive or supraphysiologic ranges of motion = flexion / adduction / internal rotation                                 - minor trauma                                 - specific occupations (carpet layers)                 - atypical bony morphology                         - less motion is required for impingement         - 2 mechanisms for fai                 - cam impingement                 - pincer impingement         - cam impingement                 - anatomy                         - abnormal femoral head/neck junction with increased radius at the waist                 - motion                         - impingement occurs primarily during flexion, adduction, ir                 - mechanics                         - contact between the femoral neck and acetabular rim induces compression                         - shear stress generated at the junction between the labrum and the cartilage and at the subchondral tidemark    . viagra online without prescription buy viagra without prescription chemical ingredients viagra viagra without a doctor prescription