Galloway Creations


Not an Extravaganza

This is not a fanfic extravaganza. I don’t write all that much fanfic, actually. I like to think I write quality fanfic, though, and like most things of quality, it takes time to create.

Or maybe I just procrastinate a lot.

Either way, this results in my having a relative dearth of fanfic. In addition to here, you may also find my stuff at, though you don’t get all the nice illustrations over there.

Oh yeah, speaking of the illustrations... I have given credit where I can, but I’m a writer, not a website designer, and while I’ve collected a whole heck of a lot of fanart from around the Net to use as inspiration, it wasn’t with the intent of putting it on a site. As a result, I have no idea where a lot of it came from. I’m gonna use it anyway, so be warned. If you are in fact the creator of a piece of fanart I use here and for some reason want me to stop using it, please let me know.

Welcome to Galloway Creations, the site for my oh so gubacious quantity of fan fic.
And possibly later, original fic, not of the fan nature. 

Unless someone wants to write fan fic of my original fic, which is an entirely different animal.