A Buffy fanfic. Have fun.

Author: Galloway. Portions written with N. Lorcalon.

E-mail: gallowaycreations@gmail.com.

Summary: I don't think I could summarize in one page, much less one line. Buffy/Giles, Xander/Willow, Angel/Cordelia, Faith/Oz (!), Wesley/Anya (!!), and Spike/Veruca (!!!), with a mention of Giles/Jenny and Oz/Veruca, plus implied Angel/Drusilla, and semi-explicit Buffy/Faith. (Whew! I think that's a record.) If any of those bother you, don't read it. If they don't… strap yourself in!

Spoiler Warning: Pretty much everything (and I mean everything, including the movie) through "Who Are You", though it nominally takes place during "Goodbye, Iowa". Also, through "Parting Gifts" on Angel.

Rating: Overall R. Less in parts.

Disclaimer: The characters and references to various and sundry episodes are the property of Joss Whedon (to whom we all bow down), Mutant Enemy, 20th Century Fox, yada, yada, yada. The story is totally mine (bwah, ha, ha!), and I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights. I do, like, all over the place, but well, that can't be helped.

Photo credits: All images ©1997-2001 Mutant Enemy & 20th Century Fox. The terrific picture Down was manipulated by Gabriele Schulz, from BuffyGiles.com. Ditto for the picture Ashblue, which I took from her wallpaper Tony-blue. (Gabi you rock!) The Angel/Cordy pic in Chapter 11 was manipulated by Melissa Flores from her site Disharmony. Screenshots gathered from several sites including And You Thought You Were Obsessed With BtVS, Falling to Pieces, Everlasting Eliza, Slayer Pride, Slayer's Sanctuary, Slayer Love, Sunnydale Screen Shots, and others as I remember them.

Distribution: Galloway Creations. Anyone who would like to link to it is welcome... I'd appreciate a heads-up e-mail though, thanks!

Feedback: Yes please. More please.

Notes: For those primarily here for the Buffy/Giles, it takes a while. Bear with me. I think its good enough to put up with the wait. I also must claim spiritual inspiration from "Alternative Lifestyle" by A.C. Chapin. Gods what a great story! Additionally, the first seven or so chapters were written during Season 4 of Buffy, so you at least have to give me credit for being totally prescient on Giles buying the magic shop, Oz' ability to control his lycanthropy, and Xander's carpentry skills!

Prologue: Perchance to Dream

Chapter 1: Arrivals

Chapter 2: Lust at First Sight

Chapter 3: Nightmare Coming

Chapter 4: First Contact

Chapter 5: Dread

Chapter 6: Memories

Chapter 7: Mouthful of Ashes

Chapter 8: Too Far Gone?

Chapter 9: History

Chapter 10: The Here and Now

Chapter 11: Revelation

Chapter 12: Conversations

Chapter 13: Gathering

Still working on more...

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