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So, here is my latest obsession: Paire-fic

This would be fiction devoted to a romance between the characters of Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennett on the TV show Heroes. If you follow the show, you know something very special about Peter and Claire... and it may squick you. I don’t give a darn. If you feel particularly squicked, beat it. I ain’t gonna tell you twice, and I don’t expect commentary on it. My website. So there.

I have, by the way, joined a community called Paire-Challenge on LiveJournal (find it here) where members post drabbles (i.e. 100 word stories) about Paire weekly, related to a challenge topic posted each Friday. The fics below which have #’s next to them are my entries in said community. (The word in parenthesis was the challenge topic.) Which would be why they’re so short. Deal with it.

Distribution: Galloway Creations. Anyone who would like to link to it is welcome... I'd appreciate a heads-up e-mail though, thanks!

Feedback: Yes please. More please.

#1 (Sunshine): Starshine to Sunshine

#2 (An Indecent Proposal): ...in the Springtime

#3 (Hidden): Murmur

#4 (Five Years Gone): Shadowed

#5 (Dream/Nightmare): Sleepless

#6 (Fire): Little Brothers

#7 (Calendar): Silver Ribbon

#8 (Green): Shooting Stars

#9 (Imagine): X-Mas in Blue

#10 (Reunion): To Other Eyes

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