Coming Home


A connected pair (so far, it will be a trilogy soon) of Final Fantasy X/X-2 fanfics. A Tikku!

Author: Galloway.


Summary: Takes place after the end of X-2, but without the “good” ending — or as we Tikku fans think of it, the “No!” ending.

Spoiler Warning: Everything. Well, everything in FF X and X-2

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: All belongs to the good people at Square-Enix. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights. I do, like, all over the place, but well, that can't be helped.

Photo credits: Well, none so far. See my blog.

Distribution: Galloway Creations. Anyone who would like to link to it is welcome... I'd appreciate a heads-up e-mail though, thanks!

Feedback: Yes please. More please.

Note: Weirdly, “Unsent” is the prequel to “Home”; i. e. I wrote it after, but it takes place before. Maybe when I finish and start on “Reunions”, the sequel to “Home”, I’ll put them in chronological order, but for now, not so much. Now that “Unsent” is finally complete, I’ve placed the stories in the proper order.

Unsent: Chapter 1

Unsent: Chapter 2

Unsent: Chapter 3

Unsent: Chapter 4

Unsent: Chapter 5

Unsent: Chapter 6

Unsent: Chapter 7


Part III: Reunions to come…

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