The Exchange


A Xena fan-fic, featuring as many characters from the show as I could shove into it, but mostly about Callisto.

Author: Galloway


Summary: Callisto returns and wants Xena to help undo her past.

Spoiler Warning: Through "A Necessary Evil".

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: The characters and references to various and sundry episodes are the property of MCA/Universal, Renaissance Pictures, and USA Studios. Copyrights are blatantly violated, but I intend no harm and make no money off of this.

Distribution: Galloway Creations. Anyone who would like to link to it is welcome... I'd appreciate a heads-up e-mail though, thanks!

Feedback: Yes please. More please.

Preface - A little bit of background for non-Xena fans.

Chapter 1: Fire and Green Grass

Chapter 2: Thunder and Moonlight

Chapter 3: Bridges

Chapter 4: The Catch

Chapter 5: Reunion

Chapter 6: A Trip to the Fates

Chapter 7: Cirra Revisited

Chapter 8: A Night in Pharsalus

Chapter 9: Skirmish

Chapter 10: Rabbits and Campfires

Chapter 11: Battle Tides

Chapter 12: The Cycle of Hate

Chapter 13: God of Chaos

Chapter 14: Collateral Alliance

Chapter 15: Vigil

Chapter 16: Legion

Chapter 17: Rest for the Wicked